ChemOffice Ultra 2010 Suite

ChemOffice 介绍:
This ultimate chemistry suite includes ChemBioDraw Ultra 12.0, MNova Std/Lite,
ChemScript Pro 12.0, ChemBio3D Ultra 12.0, ChemBio3D interfaces to Schrödinger’s Jaguar
and Gaussian, GAMESS Pro 12.0, MOPAC 2009, ChemBioFinder Ultra 12.0, ChemBioViz Pro
12.0, STATISTICA Base, E-Notebook Ultra 12.0, ChemDraw/Excel and CombiChem/Excel,
the ChemDraw and Chem3D ActiveX Pro Plugins & Controls, as well as the ChemINDEX
(Index, RXN, NCI & AIDS) databases and a 1-year complimentary subscription to ePub.



ChemBioDraw Ultra 12.0
This ultimate chemistry and biology drawing application delivers all of the industry
leading drawing, publishing and analytical features in ChemDraw combined with the biology
features in BioDraw, providing a complete solution for both chemical structure drawing and
analysis and biological pathway drawing.
ChemDraw/Excel Pro 12.0
ChemDraw/Excel allows the user to create chemically knowledgeable spreadsheets
within the familiar Microsoft Excel environment. You can build and manipulate chemical
structures within Excel, compute chemical properties and perform database searches.
ChemNMR Pro 12.0
ChemNMR can be used to accurately estimate 13C and 1H (proton) chemical shifts. The
molecule and the spectrum appear in a new window. The chemical shifts are displayed on the
molecule and the spectrum is linked to the structure so that clicking on a peak in the
spectrum highlights the related fragment on the molecule.
Struct=Name Pro 12.0
Generate systematic names for chemical structures with support for the
Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules for stereochemistry. Struct = Name produces names from
structures and structures from names. Chemical naming includes support for many more
types of compounds, including charged compounds and salts, highly symmetric structures,
many types of inorganic and organometallic compounds, and others. This product is
ChemDraw Std plus the Struct = Name feature.
ChemBio3D Ultra 12.0
This ultimate application for desktop molecular modeling and state-of-the-art protein
visualization is designed for both Chemists and Biologists. Visualize detailed 3D
protein-ligand complexes and DNA structures using open GL graphics and stereo hardware
and display and analyze Hydrogen bonds and partial surfaces. Build small molecules using
the ChemDraw interface and see the 3D structure appear simultaneously, perform basic
Molecular modeling computations such as Alignment, Stochastic conformational sampling,
Dihedral driver, MM2 experiments, Molecular Mechanics with support for MMFF94.and
Dynamics. Perform ab initio and semi-empirical calculations, and predict and visualize NMR,
IR and Raman spectra with interfaces to MOPAC, Jaguar GAMESS and Gaussian.
ChemBioViz Pro 12.0
ChemBioViz Pro is a rich toolkit for visualizing numeric data right in ChemBioFinder.
Calculate and display structure activity relationships, clustering relationships, and statistical
data, including histograms, scatter, logarithmic plots, dendrograms. Descriptive statistics
include minimum, maximum, mean, median, standard deviation and more. Create
Compound Profiles and visually compare and rank structures based on values of selected
properties and the cost profile associated with each property. Now create plots within
ChemBioFinder sub-forms!
ChemBioFinder Ultra 12.0
ChemBioFinder Ultra is the ultimate database management system for chemical
structure and information databases. Browse, create, search, and update local or enterprise
(Oracle) databases with structural, numeric, and text data via user-customizable forms,
including structural, sub-structural, and 3D structural queries, as well as linking to related
data in sub-forms. Calculate values for physical properties view and edit structures in a
variety of modes, automatically create databases and forms for imported data, export and
print. Easily manage saved queries, access favorite databases, and view database structure
via the dockable Explorer Window. Features include the ability to perform R-Group Analysis,
read Graphic Files from the database, Python programming and improved Tautomeric
searching. ChemBioFinder Ultra adds CS Oracle Cartridge support and 3D searching to
ChemBioFinder Pro.
E-Notebook Pro 12.0
E-Notebook Pro allows users to maintain configurable lab journals with pages from
ChemDraw, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and spectral software. Search by structure
and text, Draw reactions in ChemDraw. E-Notebook performs perform stoichiometric
calculations dependant upon the reaction and other entered parameters. Retain a complete
Audit trail of experiments at each save, including username and timestamp, share prewritten
protocols that automatically add data from experiments using AutoText. New features
include offline mode, full text search, and batch explorer.
ChemScript Pro 12.0
ChemScript allows users to perform multiple calculations or manipulations on chemical
structures in batch mode up to 10,000 operations per day. Enforce structure orientation,
perform template-based normalization, salt-stripping, generate canonical codes (molecular
fingerprints), perform file format conversions and more.
GAMESS Pro 12.0
Perform ab initio calculations, and predict and visualize NMR, IR and Raman spectra with
the interface to GAMESS
Mnova Lite
MestRe Nova Std is a 1D only application for data processing, visualization and analysis
of NMR data. The program provides a variety of conversion facilities for most NMR
spectrometer formats and includes all the conventional processing, displaying and plotting
capabilities of an NMR program, as well as more advanced processing techniques. MestRe
Nova Std/Lite is a 1D only version of MestRe Nova which offers the user basic processing and
analysis capabilities. The full version of MestRe Nova (MNova, MestReNova) is available
through either the CambridgeSoft online store or directly through MESTRELAB RESEARCH.
ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Pro 12.0
This premier ActiveX Control/Plugin allows you to query online databases and view &
publish online structures. This installer will automatically install the necessary Plugin or
ActiveX controls based on your web browser(s).
It adds save and print abilities to ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Net.
Chem3D ActiveX Pro 12.0

ChemACX: Personal Internet Edition: One Year Subscription
ChemACX is a comprehensive online catalog containing current product information from
500 leading chemical supplier catalogs. ChemACX provides rapid ordering information for
over 450,000 unique chemical substances (13,375 new!), over 1,082,000 products, and is
updated quarterly.* The current update has seen 57% of its products updated and 60% of its
individual Skus updated.
ChemINDEX & NCI: Personal Internet Edition: One Year Subscription
With no ads, more hits, NCI data and the ability to export your hit list, ChemINDEX adds
professionalism to the free ChemFinder.Com database. All this while keeping the excellence
you expect: physical properties, links to additional chemical information, and links to
Ashgate Drugs 2.1 Personal Internet Edition: One Year Subscription
ChemOffice Ultra 2010 features now available:
• E-Notebook
o Offline mode -- work offline and sync later
o Full text search -- search contents of collections, documents, and
styled text fields
• ChemBioDraw
o Sequence Tool with disulphide bonds, sequence wrapping and shaping
o Struct>Name enhanced support for fused and bridged ring systems
o Name>Struct ambiguous name recognition
o Documents can contain over 16 million colors
• ChemBio3D
o Stochastic conformational sampling
ChemOffice Ultra 2010 adds ChemBioFinder Ultra, CombiChem
ChemOffice Ultra 2010 adds ChemBioFinder Ultra, CombiChem/Excel,
ChemBio3D interfaces to Schrödinger’s Jaguar and Gaussian, GAMESS, MOPAC
2009, and a 1-year complimentary subscription to ePub to the ChemOffice Pro
2010 suite.
(W = Windows Only)

Windows 2000 SP4 (NOT supported for E-Notebook in ChemBioOffice 2010),
XP Pro SP2 (32 bit only), Vista Business and Ultimate (32 bit only); Windows 7
Professional and Ultimate 32 bit, Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate 64 bit
(NOT supported for ChemFinder for Office, BioAssay; see Compatibility page for
more details) ; MS Office 2000 (NOT supported by ChemDraw for Excel and
Combi for Excel add-ins or E-Notebook in ChemOffice 2010), MS Office XP, MS
Office 2003, MS Office 2007